Currently singing, dancing, and cockney-ing in Greenwood Lake Theatre's production of Oliver! as the infamous Artful Dodger! Shows are August 10th - 12th and 17th - 19th, and tickets are available here!

August 2018


Had the pleasure of playing Oscar Delancey and Bill in Newsies alongside a stellar cast at Cortland Rep! We played 18 performances to sold out crowds, becoming the top-selling show in Cortland Rep's 47 year history! Check out the Broadway World Review here!

June  - July 2018

NYU Galletin Series

Participated in a weeklong series with NYU Galletin that culminated in a reading of several new works! Mirrors, by Roza Melkumyan, explores a first generation college student's relationship to her family, her native language, and her mental health.

June 2018

Signed with buchwald!

Through a series of wonderful circumstances and the help of some incredibly kind individuals, I now have representation! I knew the minute I met them that they were my kind of people, and I'm so glad to have the opportunity to pursue new exciting projects with them!

April 2018

An incident at pe'niel

Played the role of Young Jacob, the younger version of the main character in Daniel Beller's An Incident at Pe'niel at the Alchemical Studios. Told partially through flashbacks, it is a family drama that spans generations, and touches upon how faith can heal us.

April 2018

A Feminine Ending

Played the part of Jack Handel in Hallet's Cove Theatre's production of A Feminine Ending, a beautiful play about a woman, Amanda, struggling to find her way in the world and the courage to pursues the thing she wants most. Sarah Treem's writing is musical and lyrical, at times harmonious and at times discordant, and weaves together a bittersweet story of what Amanda both loses and gains in her struggle. Jack Handle is Amanda's shallow, self-absorbed fiancé, a voice major who everyone says is going to be "huge". Between Jack trying to create an "extraordinary life" for them, her mother attempting to leave her father, and an old flame popping up, Amanda has a lot going on.


February 2018

Costa rica trip

Traveled to the beautiful land of Costa Rica with Playwright's Horizons' Alaine Alldaffer! The trip is not only an incredible acting workshop, but also an amazing lesson in being present, in collaboration, and a chance to explore a stunningly beautiful area of the world in ways that few get the chance to.


November 2017

Blanket Statement

By Lily Shoretz, Blanket Statement is a collection of real stories, memories, and musings, all centered around sex education. In interviewing and recording these anecdotes, some funny, some serious, Lily has created a powerful look at the state of sex education in our country.


september 2017


august 2017

New Dawn: The musical

Played Joseph Johnson in Aaron Michael Kreuger's angsty teen rock musical at the Secret Theatre as part of the UnFringed Festival! Winner of Best Book, Music, and Lyrics and Best Musical at the Midtown International Theater Festival in 2014, New Dawn tells the story of Joey's seemingly perfect life: star quarterback, dating the beautiful head cheerleader, and student of the month. The only problem: Joey is gay, self-harming, and just trying to fake it through another day. Check out BroadwayWorld's article for more info!

Buffalo heights

Performed in Tongue in Cheek Theater's Buffalo Heights as part of the Planet Connections Theater Festival, playing the lovable but unmotivated stoner Connor Smith. After being deported from France, Francoise Favre takes a job at Buffalo Heights High - only to be embroiled in a neurotic high schooler's plots, against which Connor is her only ally.


JUNE 2017

A philosophical Protest

Performed in Camilla Crawford's A Philosophical Protest as part of the Planet Connections Theater Festival, playing the uptight Mr. Abbatelli. When Mr. Abbatelli passes a beautiful girl sitting on the sidewalk with a sign that says "LIFE IS HARD, PROTEST GOD", he can't help but stop.


JUNE 2017


Played Mark in Michelle Giusto's Period, a short play premiering in The Gallery Player's Black Box Festival! Libby, in sweatpants and picking up tampons for her roommate, runs into her ex, Mark, in the store. Exactly how you dreamed of running into the one that got away, right?


JUNE 2017

Matterhorn films' "sometimes why"

Played Steve in the feature film Sometimes Why, written and directed by Dileepan Ganesan. The film follows a group of Brooklynites, as they attempt to navigate adulthood both professionally and personally.

JUNE 2017

Columbia MFA Film - "Scottish PLay"

A high school production of Macbeth - what could go wrong? Turns out, quite a bit. Catch yours truly as Banquo in this even more murderous version of the scottish play directed by Ijaaz Noohu. Coming soon!

MAY 2017

Selladore film's "Fearless"

All that running around on the playground as a kid finally paid off: face your fears in Fearless, a new short film by Selladore Films. By far the most fun stunts I've ever gotten to do on set! Check it out here!

APRIL 2017

NYU Tisch Film - "Roomie"

Sometimes roommates are there to give you a wakeup call when you need one. In Roomie, Sasha must decide whether to tell Vika's boyfriend Dan about Vika's indiscretions. Coming soon!

APRIL 2017

stone street Studio's "It's not you"

Avery is a journalist. Avery just got dumped. Again. And Avery is going to figure out why. It's Not You chronicles Avery's attempts to sort through her past relationships to figure out what went wrong. Catch me as One, Avery's first boyfriend - coming soon!

MARCH 2017

A crisis called New york

Performed in Alisha Espinosa's series of short plays, A Crisis Called New York as part of the Frigid Festival! Centered around the everyday crises this city inspires, I played both a disillusioned fitness instructor and a laid back busker. Check out some rehearsal photos here!


columbia MFa film - "Blind date"

Filmed Max Kimble's comedy short Blind Date, about an ex-boyfriend who doesn't quite understand the "ex" part of it. Coming soon!


meetup.com photo shoot

Made my debut as a lifestyle model for Meetup.com! Catch me on the A, C, F, 1, 2, and 3 trains advertising different groups of people sharing their passions!


next fall

Played Luke in Next Fall at the Lindenhurst Studio Theatre, directed by Joe Marshall. Luke is a charming and flirty gay man who falls for Adam, a wry older man. The only problem is that Luke is a devout Christian, and Adam is a cynic. When Luke gets into a car accident, Adam must rethink everything. Next Fall bounces from present to past, chronicling Luke and Adam's five year relationship with all its ups and downs. 



NYU Tisch Scene - "it's you"

Played Todd in It's You, a scene from Bojack Horseman Season 3, Episode 10. In the scene, Bojack's past disregard for Todd comes to light, and Todd forces him to face his faults. Check it out here!


NYU Tisch webseries - "what if i..."

What If I... is the question Jamie is constantly asking herself - and then her imagination takes it from there, conjuring up scenarios like zombie apocalypses, kidnappings, illegal cheese rings, and...a romance? Check out this new webseries, coming soon!


that just happened

Performed in Mary Corigliano's That Just Happened: A Sketch Show


nyfa film - "cocoon"

Played Ethan, an overzealous boyfriend in Jess Myhill's NYFA film, Coccoon.


"places I've made out"

Short cameo in Carlin Adelson's Places I've Made Out, a webseries out now!

JUNE 2016

red bull can you make it 2016

Competed in Red Bull's 2016 Can You Make It? Challenge

APRIL 2016


Performed as Kurt Kelley in Heathers!

MARCH 2016

playstage drama camp

Traveled to South Korea to teach at PlayStage's Camp!


Yale class day film -  "cover to cover"

Filmed Yale's Class Day Film, Cover to Cover

JANUARY 2016 - MARCH 2016

Mr. burns: a post-electric play

Played both Sam and Homer in Anne Washburn's contemplation on storytelling and The Simpsons in a Yale Dramat Production. 



mylifeaseva's "how to survive high school"

Filmed How to Survive High School with MyLifeAsEva in LA, which has since gone on to accumulate over 48 million views total! Get your all your school survival advice here.

Under: a new musical

Played Mark, a success-obsessed Yale student in Under: A New Musical, which went up at the 2015 New York International Fringe Festival and focused on issues of mental health at college campuses.


red hour films

Worked as a Script Coverage Intern at Red Hour Films, Ben Stiller's production company out in LA!

JUNE 2015 - AUGUST 2015