Face your fears in Fearless.

Please Like Me

It's You

In a scene adapted from Netflix's Bojack Horseman, Bojack reaches out to his friend Todd, only to reveal an upsetting secret.

In a scene adapted from the Australian TV show Please Like Me, Mae confesses her affair to her husband, Allen.

How to Survive High School

Cover to Cover

Red Light

They say curiosity killed the cat...

Yale 2016's Class Day Film! Jane, like all college students, is juggling school, a social life, and sleep, all while doing her best to find her own path. But when Yale's beloved mascot Handsome Dan is kidnapped, she and her friends must figure out who did it and bring Handsome Dan back.

This is our youth

From Kenneth Lonergan's This Is Our Youth, the story of three young characters on the cusp of adulthood.