Photographed by the wonderful Bobby Dresser

Jordan grew up in Troy, NY, where he and his friends spent their time (between massive games of Capture the Flag, trips to the creek, and generally goofing around) performing and filming original short plays for captive audiences (Mom & Dad). Not much has changed, as that's mostly how he spends his days now - though since then Jordan has attended and graduated from Yale University with a B.A. in Cognitive Science focusing on Narratives and Storytelling. While at Yale, Jordan split his time between rehearsing for productions on stage and on-camera and roadtripping the country with his a cappella group The Baker's Dozen. Some of his favorite theatrical roles include Sam/Homer in the Yale Dramatic Association's Mr. Burns: a post-electric play, Kurt Kelley in Heathers, and Mark in Under: A New Musical, which premiered at the NYC Int'l Fringe Festival in 2015. His favorite film projects include Fearless, a film by Selladore Films, Reorganization, filmed out in LA, and Cover to Cover, the Yale Class Day Film. Now living in Brooklyn and represented by Buchwald, Jordan is acting, still goofing around, and looking to create and tell stories of all kinds.